Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street Finale!!

The mystery has now been solved!  After 8 clues and over a month of hard work we are ready to show off our hard work.  I am posting two pictures one of my quilt top and one of my sister in Vermont's quilt top. She doesn't have a blog to show her quilt, so I am posting it here with mine.  It is amazing how different they all look with everyones fabric selections.  Ann started way late and actually caught up and has passed me to finish ahead of me.  Okay, that is because I have an away from home job and can only sew on weekends and evenings.  You can probably tell we are not at all competitive siblings  :)  

My blocks laid out but not finished

This  is Ann's Easy Street Mystery,  Aren't her colors just beautiful!!

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Jill said...

Both of the quilts look beautiful! You and your sister should be proud of all your hard work.

Ann said...

Thanks sis for putting my picture up on your blog, both are so nice and I love each of them for different reason.
Your Sister

Kathy's A Quilter said...

both of those quilts are beautiful, and congrats to you for carving out the bits of time to get it done. It is wonderful to share something as great as quilting with a sister.

Nancy said...

They are both gorgeous. Yours is vibrant, hers is calm. I love both color combinations. Good thing you're not competitive, huh?

Charity said...

Both very lovely quilts!

Sandra B said...

Both of the Easy Streets are absolutely gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing them quilted. It's great you were able to work on these with your sister.