Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Street #4

So hasn't this been a true Easy Street so far?  I have all my new geese assembled and sewn into the 3 1/2 inch squares and ready for the next clue.  I will be cutting up my green squares during the week as time permits.  This is just the best ever diversion from all the craziness that is going on in the world and during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Friday  night I was glued to the tv watching the school shooting news unfold and feeling worse and worse as the night went on. Finally, I just clicked off the tv and said, watching this is not going to change a thing and I need to get my mind onto more pleasant things right now. So I went up to my studio and started my clue #4 and before I knew it, I had them all done.  So thank you Bonnie for the much needed outlet from the day.  Here is a picture of my design that I played with this afternoon with some of the blocks.  What a fun way to design with these little units while we wait to see what the next clue will be.  It would be fun to see how many different designs we could come up with, I am sure the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!


ANudge said...

I really like your second design. Your on to something there. If it isn't the design, I may make a second one like that. Off to bookmark this post. Thanks!

Deb Lindley said...

I agree - your secondary design is really neat and your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Nice looking family, too ;-) I needed this project as a stress-buster myself and am sooo glad I decided to join in, it's been great and I really look forward to each clue every Friday.

Your quilt should be sooo pretty, I'll be anxious to see it.

Teri K said...

It is fun to play with design possibilities, isn't it? It's nice to be reminded that very complex looking quilts can be made from simple pieces.

I'd don't get TV, but of course I keep up with the news through the radio and internet. I, too, find that sometimes you have to turn it off and get on with the business of living -- and creating.

Sandra B said...

Your mystery units look great together. Isn't it amazing how many patterns these units can be turned into!