Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drunkards Path

I have had this quilt top since a class I took several years ago at guild. For some reason it has not ever made it to the quilting stage. I took it out recently and decided it just needed an outside border to look complete. So I found this nice brown floral with most of the other colors that are in the quilt. You can see the fabric along the left side of the quilt. I was planning on getting the borders on and starting to quilt today.

Brody's 9th Birthday. He
wanted chocolate cake
and chocolate frosting
for birthday so that is
what he got. He is our
oldest of 7 grandchildren.
It doesn't seem possible
that he could already be

It was so nice outside that once I got home from church I decided to cut the weeds in the back yard. The weeds are all that is growing at this point and my grandchildren keep telling me that the Buzzy Bees are out there and going to get them. When the weeds start flowering and attracting those Buzzy Bees it was definitely time to get rid of them. So after cutting the grass and then also clipping the second of my two dogs out on the patio table I was too tired to think about starting on the quilt. My dog definitely looked and felt better and I think the birds were thankful too as they like to pick up the stray pieces of hair that the wind takes and use them as a soft blanket in their nests.

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Judy Heyward said...

Isn't it interesting just how many variations that are with the Drunkards' Path block, Jeanne. Good color choice! I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.