Monday, December 16, 2013

Clue #3

Clue # 3

I was still trying to catch up with Clue #2 so I am a bit delayed in the process.  I worked all weekend on those sweet little Chevrons until I was too tired to sew the sections together at 11:30 Sunday evening.   So Monday after work that step will be completed and I am on to Clue #3.  Thank you, Thank you, Bonnie for making Clue #3 a little less labor intensive.  We sure have made a lot of little blocks, I can't wait to see them all put together. 


Vireya said...

I don't know now anyone is keeping up if they are making the large size!

Your colours are very pretty.

Mary said...

I'm making the Small size and the King Size. I couldn't resist Bonnies' color way! I still have a few more to cut and sew for my #2 CS. Waiting for Clue #4 hoping to put blocks together soon.

Jeanne said...

I am making the large size and I can't keep up. Especially at this time of year. Life does get busy but I just do what I can when I can and move on. I don't think I would try for both sizes though, that definitely would be beyond my reach. I will be anxious to see them both though, You go Mary!!