Thursday, May 30, 2013

It has been awhile

It seems I am way overdue in updating my blog.  What have I been doing with my quilting.  Well, unfortunately I have been making comfort quilts for my best quilting buddy who past away on May the 4th from Alzheimer's.  It is such a devastating disease.  Betty became quite ill and bedridden around the end of March.  I decided that she needed a quilt to comfort and cover her with love from all of her quilting friends from around the state.  So, I put out some calls, emails and posts asking for friendship star blocks to be made and signed into a quilt.  Originally, I was going to be making the quilt this past Memorial Day weekend with some quilting friends at camp St. Christopher, in beautiful Seabrook Island.  Well, that plan changed when it was apparent that Betty would not live that long and the quilt was then kicked into high gear to be finished before she passed.  I am happy to report that the quilt was laid over her on May the 1st, and she passed on the evening of May the 4th.  Whether she actually knew that the quilt was on her and, for her or not I do not know, but I like to think that she did.  Any way, here is a picture of the quilt and instead of making one for Betty at retreat we made one for her husband Ed.  I only made one of the blocks, but will  have the job of doing the quilting, soon.  Will post pictures of that one later as to not spoil the surprise.   
Ooops, wrong picture oh well, this is a picture from our 40th wedding anniversary party! 
The next one will be Betty's Quilt!
Ok, Now we have Betty's quilt of Friendship Stars all signed by her quilting friends. 

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