Monday, February 13, 2012

Where are we again!! Christmas is over the New Year is off and racing! It is already Mid February!!

Our guild Quilt show is now less than a month away and I find myself once again worrying about having my entries ready for the show. I sure am glad that I went light on entries this year as life is complicated, as usual and there is never as much time as we think there will be to get it all done.
My last posting the african woman still looks exactly as it did when I brought it home and it is entered so hopefully very soon I will have pictures of the finished project ready for our 2012 show
I have also entered my asian themed quilt that was made for my son and daughter in law and they are lending it back to put in the show. Although I know that it is not a perfect quilt and probably won't win awards, it is a very different interesting quilt and I love the oppurtunity to enter it for all to see. Wish me luck with getting it all done and ready!

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