Monday, October 24, 2011

Qulters of SC Fall Retreat

Well another White Oak retreat has come and gone with the Quilters of South Carolina. What a wonderful time we had and so productive too. I am so excited to show you all my portrait that was completed in Marilyn Walls class "Fabricating Faces!" We had a wonderful learning experience, and the end product was simply amazing. Here is a picture of my Old Maasai woman portrait that I did in class. I plan on finishing it up with actual beads and paint the orange onto her face as in the photograph.


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, how gorgeous!!!! What a striking portrait. Did you take that photo?

I'm going to a landscape/art quilt class tomorrow. Still haven't chosen a photo but I'll get to it very shortly.

Jeanne said...

Thanks, This photo was taken by a friend of mine who visited Kenya in 2007 and was there for some kind of a ceremony when the picture was taken. He has given me permission to do the portrait from his photo. I can't wait to finish it and let him see it.

Judy Heyward said...

I can hardly wait to see the finished work, Jeanne. You did such a wonderful job--really caught the feeling of the photo.