Monday, October 11, 2010

A great weekend a wedding and a birthday party

We just had the most wonderful weekend, so much fun and so much loving family. Our daughter and son in law decided to celebrate their wedding here in Charleston as they eloped in July and this weekend we all got to share the joy!! We had a mock wedding ceremony with family and friends at the beach and then a great meal afterward at home. Here are some pictures of the weekend wedding and then on Sunday Peyton and Weber's birthday party. What a wild weekend. If ever I were more blessed I just don't think I could stand it. Makes you want to pinch yourself and see if it is a dream, God please don't wake me up.


KK said...

Your daughter is just beautiful and looks just like her lovely mother!

Jeanne said...

Thanks Karen

She just glowed, It is so wonderful to see your children sooo Happy. Was a great day!