Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally off the Frame

My Four Patch swirl quilt finally finished, well except the binding, don't look at the date, camera messed up, :( This quilt took 6 weeks on the frame, of course I wasnt always able to quilt each day but pretty steady work a little at at time, I would estimate about 40 to 50 hours from start to finish, It was very time consuming, but I feel the end result was worth the time invested. I learned three new techniques on this quilt. Two new rulers the Terry Twists in the blocks and sashings and the Judilators for the curved crosshatching in the setting triangles and over the arches in the borders. The arches were made with an oval board using a stylus from the front of the machine on my Topper.


Judy Heyward said...

Great work, Jeanne. You are becoming quite the expert on your new quilting machine. Is this one that will be in teh quilt show? It's beautiful.

JEANNE said...

Thanks Judy
I will probably enter it in the show, I really am pretty happy with its overall appearance, however, I have some issues on the back of where top thread shows through the backing due to batting too thin and backtracking over some of the stitching. So, I dont think it would do all that well on judging because of that fact. Kind of makes wish I had used a busier backing or thicker batting. oh well live and learn , better luck next time. Jeanne