Thursday, November 27, 2008


Usually the best thing about Thanksgiving is the wonderful aroma of Thanksgiving dinner cooking in the kitchen. Last night Bob came down with the stomach bug and was up most of the night and today taking trips to the bathroom, running a fever and just feeling miserable. I couldn't see making a big dinner when he couldn't enjoy it. So the turkey is safe in the refridgerator for another day or two until he feels better. So what do you do on a holiday with no cooking to do. I figured I might as well enjoy my time off and do some sewing. I believe this feathered star block was made five years ago at Quilters of SC fall Retreat. It was such a difficult block that after finishing one I never had the desire to make another. Unfortunately, we had cut most of the tiny little templates to make about 5 stars. I also had already embroidered the Santa blocks and had the larger gold blocks cut as well. I decided today that I could use what was already done and turn it into a wallhanging instead of a larger quilt. So I took the four embroidered blocks and put corners on them to make the snowball blocks and used them in the corners of the quilt. Then I added little red strips between the gold blocks for sashing and finished it off with a 2 inch border. This quilt will be sold at a benefit dinner auction for a friend who is very ill and the family is trying to raise money for his expenses. I still need to quilt it by Monday in order to get it up to Delaware for the auction. It will feel good to get one more UFO done for the year and at the same time help out someone who needs it. I am very thankful to be able to help and have the day to sew and quilt even if we didn't get our Turkey today.
I just hope I don't get the stomach bug as it seems to be going around lately. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Blessings to All!!
Just an added note. I finished quilting just in time. It is Sunday night and 11:10 pm. Holiday is over and it is back to work tomorrow. The quilt will be on it's way to Delaware tomorrow for the silent auction on Friday. I hope someone buys it and loves it.

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Ramona-quilter said...

Jeanne, sorry to hear thta your Bob was down for the holiday. But turkey smells good cooking on Saturday as well as Thursday. I love that little red quilt. Great job quilting. Hope it makes a ton of money at the auction