Friday, September 5, 2008

Webers Dino Room!!

My son Aaron is out of work now so he decided to use his time to decorate Weber's Room with Dinasaurs which i the theme for
his bedspread and sheets. He
loves it!!

And Peyton loves it to. Now she wants a princess for her room.


KK said...

Hi, Jeanne! Just found your blog and LOVE IT! I am just blown away by your Aquarium quilt - it is FANTASTIC. Sure hope it is going in our next quilt show.

JEANNE said...


Thank you so much. That is the one that I am working towards entering in shows. I think it has something special about it and I am going to wait to quilt it until I have my L-Arm skills honed in. I just got the Lenni 2 weeks ago and have been doing alot of practicing. It is so much fun. Thanks for looking. Jeanne

Ramona-quilter said...

Jeanne - my sons would have loved a room like that when they were wyounger (now 25 & 28). So is Daddy going to paint a castle for his princess?