Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend I have been working on my Willey Farms quilt to get it ready to put on the "Little Miss Lenni" for quilting. I had to finish putting the top together and design and construct the back with pictures taken from the Willey Farms website. I did this Friday evening and Saturday while being glued to the coverage of Hurricane Ike. I am so thankful that we were not in the line of destruction this time. It makes you sympathetic for all those having to leave there homes and lives and not knowing what and when they will be able to return. To all those who were affected I am so sorry for your loss and you were lifted up in prayer continually before, during and after the hurricane. I feel as if the Lord really heard our prayers as the devastation, although bad, was not the worse case senario that was anticipated. Thank you Lord!!

So here are some pictures of the quilt I kept my mind occupied with during the storm. It is ready to be quilted, but I have a pumpkin design that I ordered and am waiting to arrive before I start. Hopefully it will be finished this time next week.

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